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Making a complaint against a driving instructor


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Does anyone know the best way to make a formal complain against a driving instructor?  I am not happy with the instructor i used recently and am not sure how best to handle the situation.




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Sorry to hear you are not happy with your driving instructor.

In order to do your best when learning to drive and ultimately passing your test you need to be relaxed and confident in your lessons.  Having the right driving instuctor is essential.  Driving instructors are people like us, and as such they come with different personalities and mannerisms.  A driving instriuctor who may be a perfect fit for one learner may not be be the right fit for another. 

If you are not getting on with your driving instructor because of a clash of personalities then it’s in your own best interests to ask for a different instuctor.  This may be a different instructor within the same driving school or you may choose to opt for a different driving school all together.  If you are not comfortable speaking directly with the instructor then contact the driving school direct and voice your concerns.  If you choose to move driving schools check first whether you can receive a refund for any untaken driving lessons that you may have paid for in advance.

If you are not getting on with your instructor for a more serious reason like their professional conduct or incompetence,  then in the first instance contact the driving school and make a complaint following their complaints procedure.  In addition you can also contact the citizens advice bureau or trading standards office.  You can also highlight the issue to the DSA who will investigate the complaint for you.  You can contact the DSA by emailing:


or writing to:
PO BOX 280
NE99 1FP

DSA telephone number: 0300 200 1122 (open 8am to 4pm)

Of course if you are not happy with the driving instructor for an even more serious reason such as their personal conduct which would include things like inappropriate touching, sexual connotations, threat of violence etc its advisable to contact the police as well.

I hope you manage to resolve this soon